Co+op Happenings

Annual Growers Summit 

2018 Local Growers Summit

Growing Locally: Marketing and Capacity

With Harold Stanislawski

Project Development Director at AURI

Agricultural Utilization Research Institute


Tuesday, March 20th 

10:00 a.m. - 12 noon

Harmony Natural Foods Co-op

Community Kitchen 

Local Growers Resources

Local grower's packet

Greetings Harmony Producers!

Produce Grower Application

Food Saftey

Food Safety Begins on the Farm

The entire team of Harmony’s Buyers want to remind you all of our commitment to sourcing as many quality local products as possible in order to strengthen and sustain our local food economy.  We  are your partners in this growing local food system! 

Harmony’s purpose in convening annual gatherings with our Growers and Buyers meets three important needs:

  • it provides our internal department Buyers an opportunity to connect with new and existing Growers in the region in order to meet Harmony’s increasing demand for local products;

  • it provides other Buyers,  Growers and value-added Producers an opportunity to connect with one another in order to strengthen existing resources; and

  • it helps to generate conversation and direction regarding long-range planning of a sustainable Buyer/Grower network in this region.

Our Growers Summit's have included: 

  • Resource development discussions to guide both the Grower and the Buyer of Local Foods (2015)

  • Food Safety on the Farm (2016)

  • Climate Change and Local Food Initiatives (2017)