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Harmony Co-op History

Incorporated in 1977, Harmony Co-op has strong and deep roots in the Bemidji community. We have been located in several locations building up to the new renovated location in 2011. ​

The Bemidji Buying Club began in 1974 with seven members. Food was ordered in quantity and divided among the members who order it. The members took turns picking up the order at Common Health Warehouse in Superior, sorting it and distributing it to the members. Soon the buying club grew to over 200 members. But, in the fall of 1976, due to lack of member participation and difficulties in self-management, the buying club dissolved.

The Cooperative spirit, however, remained intact and a core group of members soon worked out a plan to open a storefront. Plans for Harmony Cooperative Grocery Inc. became a reality in the spring of 1977. In 1978, Harmony moved to the old Baptist church building on the corner of 7th and Beltrami Avenue. The members of the co-op volunteered to do work, such as unloading the Common Health truck, stocking shelves, bagging bulk foods, cleaning, etc. Harmony moved to its second location at 117 3rd St. N.W., in July of 1990, changing its name to Harmony Natural Foods Co-op. Much growth and change has come to Harmony, but the core values remain the same – people joining together, in a cooperative venture, to secure good and healthy food at the best possible prices. We moved to our current location at 302 Irvine Ave. NW in 2011.

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