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Boozhoo from Harmony Co-op!

Everyone Welcome.

Bemidji's Full-Service Downtown Grocery and Wellness Store. 

Open 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
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Good Food Deli

Check out our menu here!

Save Money 

Looking to expand your budget? 

Community Kitchen

Start your business! 

Cooperative Ownership

You can own a grocery store.


Local action, global impact. 

Growing Community Together

Communities that grow together, thrive together.

Harmony Co-op Explorers

Children's programming

at Harmony!

Ojibwe Language Project

We invite you to participate!

Education Classes 

Cook, craft, & create!

Upcoming Classes & Events:

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Harmony Co-op Summer Fest
Friday July 19th 2024 5pm-7pm
Bouncy House, Kids Games & Activities, Face Painting, Live Music & MORE

The Co+op Happenings Blog

Everyone Welcome

Harmony strives to serve the common health of our community by providing opportunities to celebrate and consume good food through cooperative ownership and sustainable partnerships. We recognize the need for healthful, sustainable, and environmentally conscious practices in our community and on Earth, and operate accordingly.


Everyone is welcome to shop at Harmony Co-op and anyone can become an owner. Harmony Co-op is currently owned by more than 2,500 of your friends and neighbors who have chosen to invest stock in a local business that is guided by the cooperative principles and is dedicated to providing you and your family the opportunity to shop for good food and sustainable products.

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