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Harmony Sales

Save Money at Harmony Co-op

Harmony knows how important it is to get delicious food for your family at the best prices; that's why we offer Co+op Deals. With sale prices on products from trusted brands each month, there is no better way to save money on the products you love. We are proud to offer a wide selection of organic, fair trade, environmentally friendly and high-quality items at competitive prices every day!

Click anywhere in the Co+op Deals flyer to see sales

**Disclaimer: NCG provides Co+op Deals flyers for co-ops across the nation & Harmony may not be able to stock all the products offered in the flyer

Fresh Deals is designed to give you the freshest deals on seasonal favorites & give you more ways to save at Harmony Co-op. 

Did you know when you're an Owner you get exclusive deals? This month you can save $15.76 on our special Owner Deals.

Check out our Co+op Basics program for deals every day! Look for the signs around the store or see our blog for more info!

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