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Board of Directors

Harmony Co-op's Board of Directors is made up of nine co-op owners who are elected by the general ownership. Any co-op owner can run for a board position. Elections are in April, during our anniversary month. Guided by the Harmony Co-op Board Policies and Harmony's End Statements, the board works closely with our General Manager, who reports on the operation of the store. 

The Board of Directors is responsible to assure the representation of Harmony Co-op interests in any and all organizations with which there is membership or other relationship. They take pride in representing our community of investors through strategic policy and planning. View the Board of Directors Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Join the Board

Any Harmony Co-op Owner can run for a seat on the Harmony Co-op Board of Directors through self-nomination. You can contact the board by emailing

Interested in attending a board meeting? 

Owners can contact the Board Administrator at Provide your name and owner number to receive information as to the date/time, location, and zoom link.

From the Boardroom

Read minutes from previous meetings here. 

Around the Community

Read more about what the board (and Harmony) do around the community on our blog here.

IMG_6117 (1).jpg

At this month’s Harmony Coop Board meeting, we had an in-depth discussion about what indicators, principles, and values Harmony management uses to chart and shape the Coop’s growth. As in, when we are ready to take an expansive step someday, what indicators on our dashboard and values will we hold as we begin? We also spent some time analyzing what we’ve done so far this year to better foster board sustainability and growth. 

Harmony Board of Directors

BOD (Rita).jpg

Rita Chamblin
Harmony Co-op Board Chair

BOD (Natalie).jpg

Natalie Gille
Harmony Co-op Board Conscience


Tom Staker
Harmony Co-op Board Treasurer

BOD (Angie).jpg

Angie Headlee
Harmony Co-op Board Director

BOD (Mary).jpg

Mary Overlie 
Harmony Co-op Board Co-Chair


Linda Kingery
Harmony Co-op Board Director

Kathryn Gonzalez_edited.jpg

Kathryn Gonzalez
Harmony Co-op Board Director

Emily BOD 2

Emily Guest
Harmony Co-op Board Director

Harmony Board of Directors Self Nomination

Are you interested in joining the Harmony Co-op board? Elections are held in April every year.

Complete the conflict of interest and self nomination form and submit to 

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