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Harmony Co+op Explorers

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In January of 2016, Harmony Co-op launched a free Harmony Co-op Explorers program for children ages 12 and under. The purpose of this program is to offer monthly events for Co-op Explorers to cook together, build together, or craft together! In the past we have made art and bird feeders, we've gardened, and even went on a scavenger hunt together. Thank you so much for joining us - we can't WAIT to explore with you!

Upcoming Free Events  

July Explorers: Harmony Co-op Summer Fest

Bouncy House, Kids Games & Activities, Face Painting, Live Music & MORE

Friday, July 19th • 5pm - 7pm  •  FREE

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Harmony Co+op Monthly Fun at Home!

In addition to our in-person events, you can explore with us whenever and wherever with our collection of Co-op Explorer ideas!


Each month features themed craft ideas, recipes, and coloring pages for FREE so you and your Explorer(s) can participate at your own pace! Click below to view all 12 months of FUN! 

Co+op Explorers Recipes

worms in dirt.jpg
earth day snack.jpg

Dirt Pudding Cups

Source: Oh Nuts

Earth Day Snack

Source: This Educator's Spin On It

Ants on a Log

Source: Healthy Little Foodies

Have some fun new kitchen adventures here!

Good_Eating_Can_be_Fun_0 (1).jpg
Cooking with Kids
Source: Co+op: Welcome to the Table
Good Eating Can Be Fun!
Source: Co+op: Welcome to the Table
Expanding Your Child's Palate
Source: Co+op: Welcome to the Table

More reasons to explore!

Birthday Postcards

Bring the postcard to the store and receive a free orange, apple or banana during the month of your birthday!

Badge & Lanyard

When you sign up, you will receive your very own I.D. Badge. Wear your badge when you shop at Harmony Co-op and receive a sticker.

Fruit & Veggie Passport

Children will be able to fill out their very own Fruit & Veggie Passport. This fun little book encourages children to try fruits and veggies and record info and opinions about how they tasted. 

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