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In January of 2016, Harmony Co-op launched a free Harmony Co-op Explorers program for children ages 12 and younger. The intent of the program is to offer monthly events for Harmony Co-op Explorers to cook together, build together, or craft together. We have made art together, made bird feeders together, gardened together, and have even went on a scavenger hunt together. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we adapt to ever-evolving needs and necessary changes to make Harmony Co+op Explorers the best program it can be for everyone! Thank you so much for joining us - we can't wait to explore with you! 

Harmony Co-op Presents Monthly Explorer Bag Program

While in-person events are currently postponed until further notice, we have missed getting together to have fun with all of you. We have adapted Harmony Co+op Explorers to a Monthly Explorer Activity Bag Program so that we can have fun safely until we can meet in person again! Each month, Harmony will provide monthly themed take-home craft ideas, recipes, and coloring pages for FREE so any interested Explorers can participate at their own schedule.  We will have Explorer Activity Bags available at Customer Service the second Tuesday of the month. Each bag will have enough for 2 children.

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Summer Fun
Fun on the Farm

Have some fun new kitchen adventures here!

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Cooking with Kids
Source: Co+op: Welcome to the Table
Good Eating Can Be Fun!
Source: Co+op: Welcome to the Table
Expanding Your Child's Palate
Source: Co+op: Welcome to the Table

Co+op Explorers Recipes


Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Source: One Little Project

Pizza Kebabs

Source: Super Healthy Kids

Butterflies & Caterpillars

Source: Snackster Sam

Have you heard of Snackster Sam? Developed right here in northern MN! Snackster Sam has discovered honeyberries! (Yes, honeyberries that were picked right here at The Honeyberry Farm!) Download the free snackin' app that contains fun information about food the grows in the form of videos, games, story books, crafts, activities and more!

We have so much fun at our Co+op Explorers events! Check out some photos from past months below while we're waiting to have fun again in person! 

More reasons to explore!

Birthday Postcards

Bring the postcard to the store and receive a free orange, apple or banana during the month of your birthday!

Badge & Lanyard

When you sign up, you will receive your very own I.D. Badge. Wear your badge when you shop at Harmony Co-op and receive a sticker.

Fruit & Veggie Passport

Children will be able to fill out their very own Fruit & Veggie Passport. This fun little book encourages children to try fruits and veggies and record info and opinions about how they tasted.