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Harmony Natural Foods Co-op offers a variety of foods and other goods for you and your family. Grounded in our purchasing policy, our department managers work diligently to bring in only the highest quality of foods and other goods that also exemplify sustainable commerce.


Harmony Co-op Purchasing Policy

It is our desire as a cooperative grocery store to provide products and services that are consistent with our mission and policy ends statements while serving the product needs of our greater community to the best of our abilities.  The following purchasing factors exist to aid us in determining the products we select to carry and meet the needs of our customers.  


  • Organically Certified

  • Locally Grown or Produced

  • Whole Nutritious Foods with quality healthful ingredients

  • Low Environmental Impact

  • Commitment to Product Ingredient Disclosure

  • Commitment to Programs that serve low income groups such as Food Stamps and WIC

  • Diverse Dietary & Health Needs

  • Support GMO Free Project  

  • Sustainable & Humane Production Practices

  • Commitment to Education of whole foods, cooking, and holistic living

  • Products with minimal processing

  • No harmful additives, dyes or preservatives

  • Products that serve a range of customer needs providing a continuum of selection and choice in quality and price

  • Support of other Cooperative Businesses

  • Positive Labeling & Packaging

  • Fair Trade

To help support a sustainable community and environment Harmony Co-op ​is ​​always looking for opportunities to grow our selection while still remaining sensitive to our customer needs and recommendations. In the spirit of community, please feel free to let us know how we are doing and any requests or suggestions you may have.

Perishables Department

Bakery Department

Offering whole grain breads, buns, bagels, wraps and pizza crusts the bakery department is committed to carrying wholesome​, organic, and locally baked goods. In addition to the popular brands like Rudi’s, Ozery’s, Silver Hills and Dave’s Killer Bread we have a large assortment of hearty delicious whole grain breads from ​regional and local bakeries including Positively 3rd Street Bakery​ (Duluth, MN​) and WholeMe (Minneapolis, MN). With gluten free options available on our bakery shelves and in our frozen department, we are happy to accommodate for the needs of our customers.


Harmony’s Dairy Department features a full line of refrigerated staples. We carry Organic dairy products from Organic Valley and, Kalona Supernatural​ as well as ​Cass Clay ​WIC certified milk. In addition to cow’s milk we offer many options for lactose-free and vegan diets, such as​ ​nut or flax milks from Silk & Califia​, So Delicious Coconut milk products​, and Good Karma.

We are pleased to offer the best in cultured yogurts and kefirs from the ever-popular Greek styles, co-op staple Brown Cow, and coconut, soy or almond varieties. We also offer the highest quality yogurt and kefir starters available on the market. Our selection of cultured kefirs, kombuchas and ​probiotic ​juices is ever expanding to fit your digestive needs. ​We feature refrigerated condiments ​and lacto-fermented specialties ​such as pickles, krauts, kim ch​i​, horseradish, hummus’ ​and miso​. ​

Additionally, our cheese selection is expanding weekly with new cow, goat and sheep cheeses. We offer truly affordable everyday cheeses, more organic varieties and regional ​gems from​ Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin​. ​For our lactose-intolerant customers, the options are limitless with quality goat and sheep milk cheeses in addition to our expanding vegan varieties, ​from brands like ​Daiya, Kite Hill, Treeline and Miyoko’s, ​for all kinds of cooking.


We carry chicken and duck eggs from local or regional farmers including Frenzel Farms (Northome, MN), Larry Schultz (Owatanna, MN), Split Oak Farm (Bagley, MN), and WK Acres (Bagley, MN).

Plant Based Proteins

Seeking to accommodate for the needs of all of our customers, Harmony carries an ever-expanding selection of plant-based protein products from Upton Naturals, Hodo Soy, Tofurky, Wildwood Foods and more. Plant-based proteins are products that are protein-rich, like meats, but are composed of plant-based ingredients like fruits and vegetables, soy, and spices.

Fresh Meats

We specialize in hormone-free products that have been ethically and sustainably raised. Our ever-expanding fresh meat department features USDA certified organic chicken, antibiotic and nitrate free pork products, sustainably raised sausages, brats and more. Our seasonal specials will enhance your parties, regular weekly meal prep or ​holiday feasts! We are proud to offer local and regional ethically treated animal products from Beelers Pure Pork (Le Mars, IA), Thousand Hills (Cannon Falls, MN), Smart Chicken (Waverly, NE), Ferndale Market (Cannon Falls, MN) and more. We also share our commitment and specialization with several nationally based brands like Niman Ranch, Blue Hill Bay Salmon, Olli Salame, La Quercia and more.


Our thirteen doors of frozen foods​ feature everything from healthy meats and fish, organic fruits and vegetables, dinner entrees, pizzas, burritos, vegetarian or vegan meal starters, plant-based proteins, decadent desserts, waffles, bagels, breads and gluten free options. Our department managers spend quality time getting to know the brands that we bring into your coop. You can feel confident shopping our frozen department knowing that what we carry is the best on the market – not only in taste profile, but also in business ethic. Table5, Amy’s, Hilary’s, Evol, Cascadian Farms, Little Northern Bakehouse, and Beyond Meat are a few of our trusted brands in frozen.

​We are proud to offer a huge selection of sustainably harvested, hormone-free beef, pork, chicken and turkey from trusted suppliers, including family run local and regional businesses like Ferndale Market (Cannon Falls, MN), Fox Farm Pork (Browerville, MN) wild caught Alaska Wild Fish Company (Cushing, MN) and Larry Schultz organic chicken (Owatonna, MN) to name a few.


​You can find specialty desserts that are dairy and gluten free as well as organic super premium ice creams year-round. There are always seasonal flavors and new lines finding their way to​ our frozen case. We carry popular brands including Aldens, Talenti, Tillamook, Oatly and SoDelicious at competitive prices to accommodate the needs of our customers.

Bulk Department

Bulk  Foods

Harmony Coop has the most expansive selection organic, fair trade bulk foods, coffees and spices in Bemidji. Quality products at the most affordable price with the luxury of buying as little or as much as you need. Less packaging leads to a lower environmental impact which you can reduce even further by bringing in your favorite container for our wide selection of dry bulk foods.

We have bread flours, oats, standard and heirloom dried beans, dried noodles, steel cut oats, pistachios, peanut butter, nuts, Minnesota lake or river cultivated wild rice, gluten free alternatives, blackstrap molasses and more. From our trusted brands like Natural Way Mills, Tierra Farms and KC’s Best, Harmony Co-op is dedicated to offering as many natural & organic bulk food options as we can to our shoppers. Natural Way Mills located in Middle River, MN is bulk’s largest provider and we currently offer a wide selection of their products in bulk bins and 5 or 25-pound bags from which to choose.

Did you know that you can grind your own peanut butter at Harmony Co-op? We offer our customers the opportunity to grind an organic peanut-only blend of butter or a honey roasted variety. Don't miss our new almond butter grinder!

The re-pack cooler, located to the right of our bulk department, is stocked daily with a selection of sugar free coconut chips or flakes, raisins, mango, cherries, pine nuts, tahini, maple syrup, nutritional yeast, sesame seeds and more.  

Bulk  Herbs and Spices

Harmony Co-op carries a wide variety of organic, fair trade bulk herbs and spices to satisfy your culinary and medicinal needs. We carry both Frontier and Oregon’s Wild Harvest for great prices and the best selection. Offering loose leaf teas, seasonal mixes, meal seasonings, turmeric, cinnamon and more our bulk spice department is here to meet your needs. 

Bulk Coffee

Jump start your day (or afternoon…or evening) with a quality cup o’ joe from Harmony Co-op’s wide selection of sustainable, organic, and fairly traded coffees. With a majority of Minnesota roasted offerings from Peace Coffee and Alakef, our bulk or packaged coffees are here to support a lasting Minnesota economy. All of our vendors (local or otherwise) sustainably source their beans from small, family owned farms or farmer co-ops in South America. Equal Exchange, a long-time partner of Harmony Co-op strives to build long-term, economically just, and environmentally sound trade partnerships that mutually benefit relationships between farmers and consumers. This commitment demonstrates the contribution of worker cooperatives and Fair Trade to support a more equitable, democratic and sustainable world.

Produce Department

Harmony Co-op’s produce department offers the best quality and largest selection of local and organic produce in North Central Minnesota. From fair-trade bananas to Clearwater Produce local heirloom potatoes, Harmony has an abundant supply of what you’re looking for year-round.


Our commitment to sourcing a wide array of affordable organic, local, and seasonal options allows you the opportunity to experiment with creative new dishes or to perfect long-standing family recipes. Northern Minnesota is thriving with local farmers who are passionate about providing good food for our community. As one of the largest suppliers of local produce in Northern Minnesota, Harmony draws from a variety of regional growers which include small-plot gardeners, family-run farms, log-grown mushroom cultivators, and local Certified Organic farms. Some of our local farmer-partners include Clearwater Produce (Ivan’s Farm in Leonard, MN), Merry Gardens Farm (Bagley, MN),  Azimuth Farms (Pinewood, MN), Chill Creek Organic Farm (Shevlin, MN), Vibrant Farm (Laporte, MN), Strictly Mushrooms (Pine River, MN) and more.

Harmony’s produce department also provides locally harvested Chaga from Icecube Herbals (Remer, MN). Chaga is an antioxidant rich native fungus that grows on the birch trees of northern climates and has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries for its widely-reputed healing powers. Harmony’s commitment to strengthening and diversifying our regional food system is contributing to the increased production of sustainably-raised, non-commodity crops in the region which means you will be able to continue to shop for nutritious, local foods for your family for years to come! Keep looking for the “Locally Grown” signs throughout the Produce Department for the freshest produce our community has to offer.

Grocery Department

Harmony's grocery department provides a full selection of high quality products at competitive prices while maintaining our purchasing priorities of organically grown, locally produced, minimally processed and packaged foods.

Serving Bemidji as the only downtown grocery store, we provide products that serve the needs of many different shoppers by offering gluten free options, sweetener substitutes, diabetic friendly products, diet conscious items and more. Our popular brands include Cascadian Farms, Bob’s Red Mill, Muir Glen, Equal Exchange, Seventh Generation, Amy’s, Annies, Honest and more. We are committed to sourcing as many local and regional products that we can and we carry Red Lake Nation Foods (Red Lake, MN), Bar Bell Bee honey (S. Lake, MN), Maple Syrup (Tenstrike, MN) and more.

Harmony takes pride in offering a wide selection of the best, whole foods available on the market. This includes organic, local, and fair trade. With that said, we have a firm (and ever-expanding) program in place called “Co+op Basics” that provides organic products at competitive and affordable prices. This program allows families the benefit of eating organic without an associated high price. In addition, Harmony proudly maintains WIC/SNAP eligibility on a variety of products in order to serve the ever-changing needs of our community.

As partners in the natural food world, Harmony Co-op remains conscious of eating trends to meet the needs of our customers. Many of our products follow the needs of those who follow Bulletproof, primal, ketogenic, paleo and more diets.

The Good Food Deli

Harmony Co-op’s in-house Good Food Deli offers a variety of ready-to-eat meal options for your everyday needs. Our dedicated team of deli cooperators work diligently to provide fresh-made soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees and more. With vegan, vegetarian and gluten free offerings, the Deli seeks to accommodate for the needs of all of our customers. You will find the highest quality meal options made with the highest quality ingredients every day in our two grab-and-go coolers.

View the full deli menu here

General Merchandise Department

Our general merchandise can be found through-out the entire store. Look for all the supplies you need for do-it-yourself projects such as salve making, salt & sugar scrubs, bug repellents, body mists, air fresheners and more.

We have a large variety of products from our long-term partner, Klean Kanteen, including reusable bottles, mugs, and pints along with Chico bags made from recycled material to help reduce the use of single use products. We carry glassware, composting kits, salt lamps, steel straws, reusable bags, sustainably and homemade woven baskets, compostable coffee filters, food preservation kits and more. Our bookshelves are well-stocked with educational materials on health, nutrition, diets and cooking. We also carry a variety of local books that make great gifts and support local writers.

Harmony’s brewing department has all of the equipment you need to start your own home-brew. Our variety of wine and beer yeasts offers you the opportunity to experiment and explore the scientific world of brew profiles. If you are a card-carrying member of our “brew club” you will receive $10 off of every $150 dollars you spend on brewing supplies


Wellness Department

Health and Beauty Department

Harmony Co-op’s health and beauty department is always expanding to provide products that are globally conscious and sustainably harvested. With soaps, lotions, bath salts, deodorants, facial care, cosmetics, feminine hygiene, hair care, oral care, essential oils and more from popular brands like Dr. Bronners, Giovanni, Mineral Fusion, and Andalou. Our department managers are constantly researching brands that are quality and affordable to meet the skin care needs of all and we are excited to announce our recent addition of CV Sciences and Charlotte's Web CBD products to our supplement line.

We support a range of other co-ops and small independent companies such as Alaffia, Badger, Evan Healy, Frontier and Innesscents as well as some regional and local suppliers such as Zellers, Wyndmere and Emu Magic.

Because skin absorbs 60% of what is put on it, we value the importance of products that are of good quality and healthful for the skin and body. Currently, the FDA has no authority to require companies to test cosmetic products for safety nor does it review or approve the vast majority of products or ingredients before they go on the market. For more information on specific ingredients or brands visit the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website. We strive to provide the best products available while maintaining our commitment to do no harm to others or the environment while providing affordability and variety.

Vitamins and Supplements

Harmony Co-op is pleased to offer our own label of vitamin and minerals. The brand behind these products is Vitamer Labs, which comes highly recommended by other co-ops who use it. The supplements are high quality and reasonably priced from a very conscientious company with strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

In addition, Harmony carries several other well-respected brands of supplements such as Oregon’s Wild Harvest, Rainbow Light, Flora and Nordic Naturals to round out our customers’ needs. We stand behind the brands we carry regarding their integrity, honesty and safety and have a full line of options from homeopathic seasonal care, digestive care, children’s care and more.

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