The Local Connection

May this page act as a point of connection between our community and our local farmers. Are you a community member looking for a particular product and want to buy it locally? Or are you a local farmer who wants to sell your extra rutabaga or parcel? Let us know! We are glad to facilitate The Local Connection.

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Harmony Co-op works hand-in-hand with local farms and food producers to bring you and your family fresh, local food. When you buy local products, more money stays in your local community, making it even more economically resilient and sustainable! Co-op shoppers are supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses and are making a difference!

Here are some blogs about Harmony's local producers and partners:

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Bagley, Minnesota

Merry Gardens Farm founders Jill Pederson and Randy Olson grew up in small farming communities. From a young age a connection with the land and holy appreciation of its outputs were deeply instilled. Their love of working with the earth and a connection at all levels and their belief in the irreplaceable value of healthy foods and a healthy planet led them to their current 40 acres of vegetables outside of Bagley, Minnesota. Read more here on our blog!

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Red Lake, Minnesota

Red Lake Nation Foods is Wholly owned and operated by the Red Lake Band. Their mission is to offer unique, specialty natural foods and gift products which represent their cultural heritage for the benefit of over 9600 members of the Red Lake Nation. Harmony Co-op proudly carries their wild rice and wild rice flour, as well as a selection of locally-harvested jams and syrups. Read more about them here!

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Red Lake, Minnesota

The Red Lake Nation Foods Initiative was created with the goals to decrease diet-related health issues, increase access to local healthy foods and develop a local foods economy. The Initiative incorporates community beliefs and attitudes about contemporary and traditional foods. Read more about them here!

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Leonard, Minnesota

Whether you know them as Clearwater Produce or just as "Ivan's", you've almost certainly heard of them. Ivan’s Farm in Leonard, MN is a longtime partner of Harmony Co-op's and we are glad to carry their produce all year round. They provide our community with home-grown produce all year round, from onions and potatoes to greens and tomatoes. Ivan is a staple in our community, as well as at Harmony. Read more here on our blog!

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Laporte, Minnesota

Vibrant Farm is a family-run, independent farm offering the best quality produce from sustainable and eco-friendly farming projects. Vibrant Farm is located in Laporte, Minnesota and carries a mission to provide healthy, nutrient-dense produce to Northern Minnesota communities. Their desire is to connect with people and be a part of a bigger purpose. Read more here on our blog!

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Red Lake, Minnesota

Red Lake Nation Fishery is owned and operated by the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe. Their fish products are wild caught by tribal fishermen, who use the wisdom from our elders to harvest in a sustainable manner. They understand the benefits of natural foods, and include that value into the preparation of the fillets, each one done by hand. Read more here!

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Bagley, Minnesota

Summertime is berry season! You've eaten strawberries, blackberries, maybe even gooseberries - but have you tried the honeyberry yet? Fresh from Honeyberry USA in Bagley, this little blue jewel might just be your new favorite summer fruit. Read more here on our blog!



Pine River, Minnesota

Locally grown in Pine River, MN, Strictly Mushrooms LLC take pride in providing northern Minnesota with the highest-quality gourmet mushrooms year-round. Enjoy the freshest and tastiest oyster mushrooms, shiitakes, lions' mane, and more, grown indoors in a controlled environment with no artificial chemicals. Read more about this great local company here!

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S. Lake, Minnesota

Bar Bell Bee Ranch has been a family owned apiary since 1976, located in the north woods of Minnesota. Bar Bell Bee Ranch prides itself on their sustainable practices and supporting the local environment and economy. Read more about them here!

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Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Ferndale Market's family farm in Cannon Falls has produced free-range, antibiotic-free, naturally-processed turkeys for three generations. Ferndale turkeys grow naturally, without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants.  Read more about them here!

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