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Becoming an owner of Harmony Co-op is easy and represents an investment in a community-owned business that is grounded in local commerce and sustainable sourcing. The Owner’s primary function is to participate in the ownership, decisions, and patronage of the cooperative so that it effectively meets the needs of the members. As in any worthwhile organization, the benefits enjoyed by cooperative members are directly proportional to their participation and involvement.

Benefits of Ownership


Being an owner of Harmony Co-op means you’ve invested in a business committed to whole foods, our community, local farmers & producers, the cooperative principles and our environment. It also means that you receive special benefits!

  • Receive four 10% off discount coupons (each saving up to $6) for in-store purchases per year. 

  • Owners who are seniors (65 and up) receive 5% off EVERY DAY on in-store purchases. 

  • Pay only 20% above cost when special ordering products in bulk/case amounts from our designated primary suppliers. 

  • 2020 Newsletters: Had $100 in gift card giveaways. Three $10 off of $50 coupons and two 10% off entire purchase coupons. (coupons will vary year to year)

  • Have the right to vote for our Board of Directors or consider running for a seat on the Board. 

  • Receive patronage dividends based on your percent of purchases and  the profitability of the business in said fiscal year declared by our Board of Directors.  We returned over $36,704 to owners in 2021 

  • Receive Harmony Co-op’s Harvest Newsletter which talks about the happenings of Harmony and additional coupons exclusively to owners.  

  • Receive exclusive sale offers. We have Owner Deals flyers that change thematically each month exclusively to Owners. Last year's Owner Deals savings added up to $293.07!

  • Eligible for giveaways exclusively for Harmony Co-op owners  

  • Enjoy a discount on non-commercial and commercial use of the Community Kitchen. If you are an owner of Harmony Natural Foods Co-op, you will receive a $25 off coupon for your first use of the kitchen and 10% off kitchen rates thereafter

Become an Owner


The first step to becoming a Harmony Natural Foods Co-op owner is to complete an ownership contract in-store and submit it to the customer service desk. You will be issued an owner number at that time and the cashier will be happy to assist you in your stock investment.

You will have two options when purchasing your ownership at Harmony Co-op: 

  • You can pay the $120 Class A Stock investment in full.

  • Or you can opt into a contracted payment plan where you put $20 down and commit to paying $10 per month for one year (There is a $10 payment plan processing fee)

Upon purchasing a Harmony Co-op ownership, you will immediately be given an Owner Packet detailing your investment and a Harmony Co-op reusable Chico bag. 

*Owner account is only available for people in your household

You are the Co-op Difference

Savings for Everyone

  • We have Fresh Deals & Co-op Deals flyers that change thematically bi-monthly 

  • We have a $5 off of $25 coupon every month in the Pioneer Buyline. Plus, other coupons scattered in different Bemidji Publications. Last year we had $402.27 in coupon savings!

  • Non owners are eligible for weekly event giveaways & gift cards. Some are exclusively for owners. 

  • Our Co+op Basics program offers everyday low prices on many popular grocery and household items to fulfill this need; with selections in every aisle, from breakfast bars and cereal to toilet paper and dish soap and including as many organic and sustainably produced items as possible. 

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