Holiday Gift Ideas

Five Tasty Kitchen Gifts

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A Gift with a Story that Keeps On Giving

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DIY Lip Balm

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DIY Gift Making with Bulk


DIY Body Scrub

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Tips for Creating a

Personalized Gift Basket

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Native Harvest Maple Syrup

Lisa W., Product Manager

Native Harvest gathers this rich and sweet maple syrup during the Iskizigamizige Giizis, or Maple Syrup Moon. It is so delicious!

Aiya Matcha Tea

Wes G., Bulk Department

Matcha is good in smoothies, tea, lattes, and bakes goods. It's a good gift for tea lovers and fans of rich flavor.

Klean Kanteens

Maranda S., Front End

I love the fun prints on the Klean Kanteens. They make a great gift for little ones and big ones alike.

Badger Balm Mini Sampler

Lisa D., Wellness Department Manager

Badger Balm Mini Sampler is such a perfect gift! It includes 3 of my favorite balms: the classic badger balm, sleep balm, and sore muscle rub. These are great stocking stuffers!

Artisan Cheeses

Mackenzie L., Perishables Department Manager

You may have heard shoppers refer to Mackenzie as the "Cheese Queen" before. It always makes her blush...No matter what you call her, she would LOVE to talk about all things cheese with any one at any time! Do you have a party that you need to bring something to share? Are you hosting a gathering of friends that just want to eat, drink and be merry? Is there something you are looking for that you can't find? Please ask! She can't wait to talk about cheese with you!

Aura Cacia Organic Rosehip OIl

Lisa W., Product Manager

Rosehip oil is being used in everything these days because it is so nourishing for the skin. This rosehip oil is 100% organic with no other carrier oils. It makes your skin glow!

Co-op Insulated Cooler Bags

Kate E., Education Specialist

Never get caught without a bag again! These cooler bags keep your groceries safe until you get home and are durable enough to hold everything from milk cartons to flour sacks. They fold down for easy storage when not in use.

Peace Coffee Twin Cities Blend

Jeff B., Bulk Department Manager

Peace Coffee Twin Cities Blend Organic Fair Trade is a perfect coffee for gatherings. It's not too dark and it's not too light, right in the middle for everyone to enjoy.

Balm of Gilead Butter Balm

Lisa D., Wellness Manager

Balm of Gilead Butter Balm! This balm is by far my favorite thing in the store! It is so creamy, smells great and really helps me combat dry skin throughout the winter. I love buying these as gifts for friends and family!

Native Harvest Wild Rice

Lisa W., Product Manager

Native Harvest wild rice is the perfect Minnesota-grown gift. The flavor is unmatched and every purchase helps promote a culture of sustainability on the White Earth reservation.

Good Food Deli Cookbook

Brent I., Produce Department Manager

"The Good Food Deli cookbook is a perfect gift for friends and family so they can make you awesome food after the holidays."

Alter Eco Super Dark Truffles

Sara E., Assistant Grocery Manager

"Can't go wrong with a velvety truffle! Super delicious without the hassle of making them yourself."

Local Breakfast Items

Danielle, Front End Manager

“I love to gift a ready to go breakfast with my favorite items for a warm, good start to my friends & family’s day. You can’t go wrong with a variety of pancake and waffle mixes to
soups & coffee options.” 

Jessica, Marketing Coordinator

“Himalayan Salt lamps are a fantastic choice for an unique holiday gift. They are not only stunning, but they have many potential benefits such as filtering impurities from the air, alleviating depression, reducing stress, and boosting daytime energy”  

Fruit Baskets/Spreads

Lisa W. Product Manager

“Having been Harmony’s produce manager for over 22 years, I rarely go anywhere without bringing seasonal produce as a gift!  Winter holidays are an especially fun time to throw together an assortment of holiday favorites: pomegranates, persimmons, pears, mandarins, and chestnuts create a colorful and vibrant sense of seasonal sharing.” 

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