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Five Tasty Kitchen Gifts

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A Gift with a Story that Keeps On Giving

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DIY Lip Balm

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DIY Gift Making with Bulk


DIY Body Scrub

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Tips for Creating a

Personalized Gift Basket

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Nutpods Coffee Creamer

Ben, Grocery Manager

"I believe that coffee creamer is an amazing gift. Whether or not someone has a Keurig doesn't matter if you give them the creamer instead of the coffee. It also typically has a ton of fun holiday flavors."

Good Food Deli Cookbook

Brent I., Produce Manager

"The Good Food Deli cookbook is a perfect gift for friends and family so they can make you awesome food after the holidays."

Alter Eco Super Dark Truffles

Sara, Assistant Grocery Manager

"Can't go wrong with a velvety truffle! Super delicious without the hassle of making them yourself."

Local Breakfast Items

Danielle, Front End Manager

“I love to gift a ready to go breakfast with my favorite items for a warm, good start to my friends & family’s day. You can’t go wrong with a variety of pancake and waffle mixes to
soups & coffee options.” 

Jessica, Marketing Coordinator

“Himalayan Salt lamps are a fantastic choice for an unique holiday gift. They are not only stunning, but they have many potential benefits such as filtering impurities from the air, alleviating depression, reducing stress, and boosting daytime energy”  

Fruit Baskets/Spreads

Lisa W. Product Manager

“Having been Harmony’s produce manager for over 22 years, I rarely go anywhere without bringing seasonal produce as a gift!  Winter holidays are an especially fun time to throw together an assortment of holiday favorites: pomegranates, persimmons, pears, mandarins, and chestnuts create a colorful and vibrant sense of seasonal sharing.” 


Lisa W., Product Manager

“Shallots are the underestimated sister of the onion family. It adds a mild but potent flavor to any dish. They have a better nutritional profile than onions and they are characteristically less pungent too. They are just the healthiest onion you can eat and they are so yummy. I put them in literally everything! ”

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