Pollinator Craft Ideas


Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft

Source: Easy Peasy & Fun


Sponge Butterfly Feeder

Source: Homespun Hydrangea

Co-op Explorer 2021 (11).png

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Source: The Pragmatic Parent

June Co+op Explorers Recipes


Banana Butterflies

Source: Super Healthy Kids

caterpillar party favors from Super Heal

Butterfly & Caterpillar Snacks

Source: Super Healthy Kids


Butterfly Crackers

Source: Our Kid Things

Looking for fun at-home activities? We’ve made Co+op Explorers coloring and activity sheets available as PDFs for downloading. We invite you to use these resources for your own creative adventures at home. Click the picture below to start creating! 

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In January of 2016, Harmony Co-op launched a free Harmony Co-op Explorers program for children ages 12 and younger. The intent of the program is to offer monthly events for Harmony Co-op Explorers to cook together, build together, or craft together. We have made art together, made bird feeders together, gardened together, and have even went on a scavenger hunt together. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we adapt to ever-evolving needs and necessary changes to make Harmony Co+op Explorers the best program it can be for everyone! Thank you so much for joining us - we can't wait to explore with you!