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Holidays at Harmony: Celebrating Together

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Here in northern Minnesota, the winter holidays always seem a little more exciting. The snow comes a little earlier here than it does a lot of other places, and it just serves to ramp up the anticipation. Watching the northern lights glow across the night sky and shimmer across the snow with a warm cup of cocoa in your hand or going on a walk outside with the snow crunching underfoot and your breath puffing out in clouds around your face; it’s hard not to get into the spirit when it feels like nature itself is putting up the decorations.

The heart of any human celebration, no matter your heritage, culture, birthplace or language, is food. Have a traditional feast with a baked ham or turkey, crispy skin and savory meat and piles of potatoes and dressing and casserole; have a giant appetizer feast and little tapas plates to mix-and-match all the snacks you can eat. If you’re celebrating at a distance this year, make sure to send a box of local goodies from Bemidji with love; any visiting guests will certainly appreciate some souvenirs to bring home, too. No matter where, what, and with whom you’re celebrating, we here at Harmony are here to help you have the very best holidays possible this year.

What better way to celebrate the harvest and the year's accomplishments than by supporting your local growers? Local means real food coming from real people in our same community or region; with everything from fish to honey, wild rice and maple syrup to bison and every kind of fruit and veggie that northern Minnesota gardens can produce. Shopping at the co-op isn’t just about eating delicious food, it’s about spending your money in a way that most positively impacts the people around you. For every $1 we spend as shoppers at grocery co-ops, we put $1.60 back into the local economy; we pay our growers, they pay their bills, suppliers, and employees, and that money can keep recirculating. Buying local also supports northern Minnesota’s cultural traditions, such as our hand-harvested wild rice and our line of foods from the Red Lake Nation. As a locally owned cooperative we celebrate the cultures that shape who we are as a community, particularly local food systems, ways of sustainable living, & respect for the land & water.

Holiday Celebrations: Harmony Celebrates with you

The traditional centerpiece we recognize for many holiday meals is, of course, the turkey - whether you roast it, brine it, deep-fry it, or grill it. This year, we’ve got some truly excellent turkeys from a local favorite!

Harmony is exclusively carrying Ferndale Market turkeys this year at the best price ever!

  • 3rd Generation Family Farm in Cannon Falls, MN

  • Humanely raised without antibiotics or hormones

  • Always free range

  • Fresh turkeys: $3.49/lb

  • Frozen Turkeys: $2.29/lb

We can't wait to help you find the perfect turkey and everything else you need for your holiday celebration. Pricing is available through November 24th, or while supplies last. Ferndale Fresh turkeys at $3.49 per lb will also be available by reservation.

If your holiday celebrations are more toward the honey-glazed ham than the stuffed roasted bird, we’ve got you covered there, too. Beeler’s has some excellent whole and half hams, bone-in and boneless, that we here at Harmony think are delicious on any special occasion. They're always antibiotic-free and growth hormone-free, too, and raised on non-GMO feed.

We never forget the vegetarians and vegans, either; we've got several brands of plant-based holiday roast, including Field Roast and Tofurkey holiday roasts! Our website has some great holiday dinner ideas for both omnivores and herbivores alike if you'd like to think outside the box.

We have both standard and gluten-free options for such traditional staples as gravies and mixes, stuffing, and canned soups (for the perfect casserole), and pies and pie crusts. Warm up some delicious, fresh breads, and serve with rolled butter or vegan spread.

Our Co-op Basics program offers everyday low prices on many popular grocery items, helping you save money on delicious, quality organic food. There’s maple syrup and coconut milk, canned corn and green beans, olives and crackers; from-scratch staples and ready-made snacks, juice and sparkling water for sipping on in between the snacks.

We know wintertime isn't just for eating lots of delicious food (though truth be told that's definitely one of our favorite parts). Gift exchanges are also an important part of holiday celebrations, and we are happy to help you find the perfect present, whether you're DIY or buying something ready-made. Our staff has collected some of our favorites here!

When shopping for gifts, think of purchasing fair-trade certified items (like Alaffia baskets or Equal Exchange chocolate and coffee). Fair trade items mean that the grower, farmer, or crafter has been fairly paid for their hard work and allow them the opportunity to give back in their own community, Just like gratitude is a small thing that yields big rewards in our lives, fair trade is a simple idea with profound results.

So, as the winter holiday season approaches, let's embrace the magic of nature, the joy of community, and the spirit of giving. From all of us at Harmony, we're here to help you make this holiday season the very best it can be. Wishing you a warm and wonderful winter filled with love, laughter, and a taste of northern Minnesota's finest.

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