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Save Money at Harmony Co-op

Harmony takes pride in offering the best, whole foods available on the market to you and your family. This includes products that are certified organic, local, and fair trade. With quality in mind, we have a firm (and ever-expanding) program in place called “Co+op Basics” that provides organic products at competitive and affordable prices. This program allows families the benefit of eating organic without an associated high price.

Co+op Basics

The Co+op Basics Program was designed with you in mind. It is a co-op exclusive economy line program established by the National Cooperative Grocers to help folks save money on organic foods and other products.

Check out the prices on common household items that are part of the Co+op Basics Program:

(These are only some examples of the products featured in our Co+op Basics Program)

  • Organic Valley Milk half gallon: $4.39

  • Organic Equal Exchange Bulk Coffees: $8.99 per lb

  • Organic Canned Beans: $1.49 each

  • Organic Thousand Hills Grass-fed Ground Beef: $6.49

  • Organic Smart Chicken Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast: $6.49 per lb

  • Organic Smart Chicken Whole Chicken: $2.99 per lb

  • Organic Pasta Noodles: $1.99

  • Organic Gluten Free Pasta Noodles: $3.29

  • Organic Cereals: $3.39

The Benefits of Ownership In addition to Co+op Basics, there are many others ways to save money at Harmony! As an owner of Harmony Co-op, you have access to four quarterly discounts where you can receive 10% off of a purchase (up to $6) and you can also enjoy special owner sales all year (look for the orange "Owner Deals sale signs throughout the store). If you special order in bulk/case amounts you pay only 20% above the wholesale price and if there is a member of your household who is over 65 years old, your ownership can qualify for the 5% senior discount every day. Learn more about becoming a Harmony Co-op Owner here.

Coupons, Co+op Deals, and Assistance Programs

Further, here are some of the ways that Harmony helps non-owners save money while shopping at the Co-op:

  • 5% off on Wednesdays for seniors 65+

  • $5 off of $25 coupon in the Midwest Buy Line and Bemidji Pioneer published the first weekend of each month

  • $5 off of $25 coupon in the Bemidji Pioneer’s FYI magazine published yearly

  • 10% off at the register during our large quarterly events

  • Co+op deals flyer

  • Co+op deals coupon books

  • We accept WIC & SNAP/EBT


Our department managers work diligently to provide you with the best products on the market at an affordable price. While we're on the topic of departments, let's take a closer look at a few of our departments that can save you a pocketful of money.

  • Produce

First, let's look at Harmony Co-op’s produce department, which offers the best quality and largest selection of local and organic produce in north central Minnesota. From Equal Exchange’s Fair Trade Bananas to Clearwater Woodcraft’s local heirloom Nicola potatoes, Harmony has an abundant supply of what you’re looking for year round. When you are shopping the Harmony Co-op produce department, their sales signs read "Harmony Deals." Harmony Deals are decided upon by the ordering team and mostly feature products that are in season. By hosting sales on in-season produce, you have the opportunity to get the freshest and most nutrient dense foods at a price that is fair and affordable.

  • Bulk

The next department that can save you money is our bulk department that features quality products at the most affordable price. Harmony hosts Bemidji's widest selection of bulk foods and the equation is simple: less packaging = lower production cost. Less packaging also means a lower environmental impact. Watch for Co+op Basics and Co+op deals signs in bulk as these programs often feature a variety of bulk products! When you shop bulk, you can buy as little or as much as you want. Our passionate bulk team would be happy to show you how you lower your grocery bill (and your carbon footprint) while shopping our bulk department.

If you compare our products with similar products elsewhere, you will find that our prices are quite

comparable with other groceries stores in our area - even better.

With that said, we are very happy to offer many ways to help save you money while shopping at Harmony, including offering the widest selection of bulk foods, hosting our National Cooperative Grocers Co+op Basics economy line of products that offer low prices on everyday organic products and a variety of coupons and sales throughout each month. Next time you're in we would be happy to discuss more ways of saving money at Harmony!


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