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Local Grass Fed Angus Beef is Dedicated to Growing Community Together

Houkada Farms is new local partner of Harmony Co-op, located in Frazee, MN. They raise grass-fed Angus beef and offer our community ground beef, soup bones, liver, heart, and stew meat.They appreciate the celebrate the difference that natural grass fed beef can make in the quality of one's life and are dedicated to farming practices that care for the environment and the Earth. They believe in active environmental stewardship so that the planet continues to flourish for generations to come.

They believe that "healthy eating is a basic foundation for optimum health and well-being that is why we raise our beef strictly on grass and hay, with no antibiotics, no supplemental growth hormones, and no animal by-products." It is also great to know that Houkada Farms focuses on providing healthier, stress free lives for their animals through rotational grazing. They provide holistic care and concern for their cattle, their farm, our community and our ecosystem.

In November of 2017, Harmony initiated a Core Messaging Committee that was tasked to discover the message that we want to share with the community in 2018 - a message that would resonate in everything that we do. The committee kept circling around three words that meant a lot to us: Growth. Community. Inclusivity. When seeking Harmony's 2018 shareable and relate-able message with the lens that growth, community and inclusivity provided, we identified our 2018 core message of Growing Community Together.


Growing Community Together

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