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  • Jessica Mahlberg

Merry Gardens Farm is now certified USDA Organic!!

Harmony prides itself in providing fresh, locally grown products for our community to enjoy. We recognize the need for healthful, sustainable, and environmentally conscious practices both in our local community and beyond, and we operate accordingly. That's why we are so excited to announce the USDA organic certification of Merry Gardens Farm in Bagley! Now you, our shoppers, can reap both the benefits of buying organically with the benefits of buying just-harvested locally grown produce. Harmony is happy to be able to share the ~organic~ bounty of Merry Gardens with you and your family.

"We know this certification allows some of our customers to meet the growing demand by consumers for organically certified produce. Now that it can be sourced local is also important to this consumer group, plus local acquisition just makes sense in product quality and transport imprint. We thank you for helping create a local food network in our community."

~Jill and Randy of Merry Gardens Farm

Jill and Randy of Merry Gardens Farm

Merry Gardens Mission Statement:

Our mission is to raise produce as if you've grown and picked it yourself. Our hogs are raised with respect, allowing their natural innate instincts for free range living. We plan for the farm to provide what the hogs and plants need. Growing crops for feed and using natural fertilizing methods is all a part of our sustainable plan.

Everything we plant is grown according to organic standards and practices. We know this is important to families because it is important to ours. The foundation of happiness is vibrant health. And it starts with the food we eat and where it comes from.

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