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  • Jessica Mahlberg

Join us at our Harvest Fair

We have decided to change up an annual celebration at Harmony – previously known as the Harvest Festival…it will now be Harmony’s Harvest Fair! Our desire is to make the event a showcase and celebration of LOCAL…locally grown food, locally produced products, as well as local chefs who know how to bring all the best local components together in a “local” recipe-dish to sample! The Harmony Harvest Fair will take place this September 16th, Sunday 1:00-3:00. Our parking lot will be turned into a “Fair” of Local people and products with live music and family activities. This is a way to get to know the people who grow and produce your food. The fair will also extend indoors where chefs/restaurants will be sampling one recipe/dish that showcases what they do in their restaurant with local ingredients. Local means real food coming from real people in our same community or region. Musical Guests: Sonny Johnson, Caige Jambor, & Not Your Average Family Band! Please join us in a robust celebration of our local harvest at Harmony’s Harvest Fair!

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