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Harmony Co-op Game Day Deals

To ensure variety, plan a fun and festive menu by selecting three items to buy or make in each of these categories. For more recipes check out our Game Day collection. https://www.strongertogether.coop/game-day-food

A perfect addition to your Game Day Buffet. Shop at Harmony and fill up a platter with local meats, cheeses, olives, grapes and crackers (on sale now) for a spread almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Find your game day chicken wings in the Fresh Meat case or Certified Organic wings in the freezer case. Both are $3.99 per lb while supplies last!

Up your appetizer game with snacks from Harmony Co-op! Find hot deals on your favorite game day munchies like organic guacamole & pico de gallo on sale now. For an extra KICK try Spicy Pepitas from our Bulk Dept sprinkled on top of Guacamole

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