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Support National Farm to School Network with Organic Valley Purchases

Organic Valley believes in the importance of educating youth about agriculture and farming practices. So, this back to school season, Organic Valley, and [your co-op name] along with food co-ops across the country have teamed up with National Farm to School Network, a non-profit organization working to bring local food sourcing, school gardens and food and agriculture education into schools, early care centers and other education settings to raise money and giveaway three school gardens nationwide!

From August 14 – September 3, Organic Valley will be donating $1 from every Organic Valley purchase at food co-ops (Up to $25,000). The Organic Valley purchases you make at [your co-op name] during this time frame will also help toward the opportunity for a local school to win a National Farm to School Network garden. Every purchase helps as we work to bring healthy, locally-grown foods to our community starting with childhood and beyond.

To learn more about National Farm to School Network, visit

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