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Early Summer Celebrations with Harmony

Updated: May 13, 2021

The beginning of summer is a time for celebration. Whether you're making traditional Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo, grilling out for Memorial Day, making Mom something special on Mother's Day, or just enjoying the beautiful northern Minnesota lake life, we have you covered so you can concentrate on spending time with the important people in your life. As Bemidji's only downtown full-service grocery store, we want to make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy every moment they can, whether it's a particular holiday or a new season and the advent of nicer weather. No matter what and how you're celebrating, Harmony has what you need to make your occasions creative, thoughtful and memorable.

Thinking of tacos for Cinco de Mayo? Make our produce section your first stop- we've got everything from hot peppers and organic, fair trade avocados to fresh, premade salsas and guacamoles, and that's before you decide between soft or hard shells (we have both of those too). If you’re breaking out the grill for Memorial Day (or just because the snow has finally melted), our sustainable biomass firelighters and hardwood charcoal will start you off nicely. We have all kinds of organic, sustainably grown/produced, and locally grown food options at Harmony - so the hardest decision you'll have to make is what you're hungry for! Cheese and charcuterie trays, sliced fruit and veggies, crackers and dips to make any graduation party drive-through snacking a breeze; get some fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies plus eggs and breakfast sausage (even crepes and sourdough from our bakery section) and make your mother figure a brunch she'll never forget. Afterwards, make your party cleanup a breeze by using compostable products like plates and flatware - not only do they save you from washing more dishes, they're made from renewable resources, require less energy and water to produce and reduce pollution and waste.

Want to skip the kitchen entirely? We can help you there too! We've just completed the expansion of our Good Food Deli and added even more sandwiches, salads, and tasty treats of all varieties from the hot bar to the pastry case! Pick up a tray of vegan, gluten-free pasta or some Cajun chicken and rice and pop it in the oven, or pick up a pasta salad and a veggie tray for a picnic or potluck. We've even got desserts, from bars to cookies, including vegan and gluten-free options so everyone with a sweet tooth can join in the fun!

Spring and early summer here in Bemidji are always a special time. Though we're never sure it's really been the last snowfall, the gardeners are itching to dig in the dirt as soon as the ground starts thawing enough for the hardy seeds. Each day brings new birdsongs to the yard, and every time you look at the fields and trees everything is just slightly more green. Sure, we joke about mud season and April showers, but we know the more rain we get now the less likely we are to have a drought, and the plants enjoy it and will reward our mud season with beautiful flowers and foliage. Even if you're not into formal holidays and you've done all your graduating, each new spring day and bird and bloom is a little festival in itself, and that's definitely worth celebrating!

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