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Fresh Deals Farm Feature: Vibrant Farm

Vibrant Farm is a family-run, independent farm offering the best quality produce from sustainable and eco-friendly farming projects. Vibrant Farm is located in Laporte, Minnesota and carries a mission to provide healthy, nutrient-dense produce to Northern Minnesota communities. Their desire is to connect with people and be apart of a bigger purpose.


Microgreens come from a variety of plants. They can be brilliantly-colored radishes, deliciously crunchy sunflower shoots, or nutrient-dense kale. They are grown and then harvested just before or right after the first adult leaves appear.

Types of Microgreens

  • Sunflower shoots

  • Radish shoots

  • Mixed shoots

  • Micro Broccoli

  • Micro Alfalfa

  • Wheatgrass

Nature's Confetti

Microgreens can easily add texture, a variety of different flavors, and a natural dash of vibrant color to any dish. Microgreens can be used on appetizers, salads, soups, and entrees.

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