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Harmony celebrates Native American Heritage Month

As a locally owned cooperative we celebrate the cultures that shape who we are as a community, particularly local food systems, ways of sustainable living, & respect for the land & water

Harmony Co-op recognizes that Bemidji sits within Ojibwe territory, and is working to support Indigenous nations, communities, and cultures in ways beyond signage year round; since November is National Native American Heritage Month, we feel it is particularly important to highlight their importance to Harmony and to the larger Bemidji community.

Red Lake Nation Foods

Red Lake Nation Foods is a Native American owned company that is dedicated to producing unique specialty products.

Their products are produced in small batches, using wild fruits & berries, gathered by hand, by members of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa in Minnesota.

“We are always looking, cooking and trying new things with all of our products in an effort to make each dining experience unique with traditional flare.”

Check out more wild rice recipes here

Red Lake Nation Fishery

is owned and operated by the Red Lake Band of Ojibwe. They use Their knowledge of the Red Lakes to your advantage. Their fish products are wild caught by tribal fishermen, who use the wisdom from their elders to harvest in a sustainable manner. They understand the benefits of natural foods, and include that value into the preparation of they fillets, each one done by hand.


Join us as we celebrate National Native American Heritage Month at our

Next Co-op Explorers Event on Saturday, November 12th from 10:30am-Noon.

We are so excited to have Michelle Marion, Anishinaabe and Akimel O'otham, join to teach us how to make a turtle out of black ash strips. We will also be learning about the Ojibwemowin language & Indigenous culture. As a treat we will be enjoying popped Manoomin (wild rice). Then the lil ones can add dried Berries and maple syrup or maple sugar.

She shared with us "Indigenous culture connects us to our land, language, the flow with the seasons, and our understanding with the natural world."

Harmony Co-op Explorers is a free children’s program for children ages 12 and younger. In order for us to better plan our events, we are asking that parents RSVP for every Harmony Co+op Explorers event they plan to attend. This will ensure that we have enough supplies for every child who attends. To becoming a Co-op Explorer, more information or to register for events click this link!

Another way you can celebrate Native American Heritage Month is with the

Co-op Explorers Activities that we created last year! Click Here to explore!


Harmony co-op recognizes that Bemidji sits within Ojibwe territory. The Ojibwe language Project works alongside greater community endeavors to revitalize and maintain the Ojibwe language for future generations of Ojibwe people as well as raise awareness of language loss and revitalization efforts.

Take a virtual tour of Harmony's Ojibwe signage with Naagaanwewidang

In order to continue supporting the work of Ojibwe language revitalization in our region, Harmony will deepen our own engagement with the language by introducing Ojibwe sentences about the food, land, and water upon which we all depend.

Three Sister Soup Recipe

The "Three Sisters" in indigenous cuisine refers to corn, squash, and beans, traditionally grown together to capitalize on each plant's strengths and needs. This delicious soup comes together in minutes to warm and satisfy from the inside out!

Find the recipe and the story

of the Three Sisters here

Wild Rice Pancakes with

Apple Topping Recipe

Get that local flavor while enhancing your breakfast with this recipe using pancake mix & maple syrup from Red Lake Nation Foods! As a Native American Owned Company they are dedicated to producing unique specialty products representing their cultural heritage for the benefit of over 9600 Red Lake members

Click here to follow the recipe!

On Friday, November 25th, Harmony Co-op will host its annual “Buy Local, Give Local” event that will generate donations for 2 local non-profits (Northwest Indian Community Development Center and Bemidji Community Table) The day will feature free coffee, cider, and treats along with 10% off at the registers from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

In addition to 10% off all day, Harmony Co-op will donate 10% of the day’s sales equally to Northwest Indian Community Development Center and Bemidji Community Table who will table in-store from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. See firsthand the dedication, heart and hard work that goes into these great non-profit organizations.

You can make a difference (and SAVE MONEY) by shopping at Harmony Co-op this November 25th, 2022!!! Learn more about this great event here

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