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Harmony Co-op Loves Community Partnerships

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Red Lake Nation Foods, a local tribal-owned company recently purchased Minnesota-based company Minnestalgia and is currently utilizing Harmony's Commercial Kitchen in order to keep production flowing while RLNF's own processing facility is completed.  Harmony has carried products such as jellies, jams and syrups from both Minnestalgia and Red Lake Nation Foods for many years and is proud to be able to provide a commercial space for this work to continue uninterrupted!  Seen in the attached photos: Mike Burr, long-time jam & syrup producer with Minnestalgia is processing wild chokecherry jelly for Red Lake Nation Foods.

ABOUT THE LOGO:  The Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians logo is the symbol of our nation; our sovereign nation. The design represents many things. The shape of the upper and lower Red Lake has been our trademark due to its unique shape and what it means to us: fresh water and food (walleye). The circle represents the powerful “circle of life” for ours and countless other tribes. Unity without end. The trees mark our dependence on them for shelter, transportation, warmth and many feelings of belonging to the land. The feather of the eagle is also a powerful symbol to our tribe. The eagle’s heartbeat is echoed in the drum beat of practically all tribes. The clan symbols from left to right are the bear, turtle, bullhead (fish), mink, eagle, pine martin (sable) and the kingfisher.  (Source: Links:


  • Red Lake Nation Foods Donovan Sather --

  • Lori Erckenbrack Minnestalgia Foods, LLC 800-328-6731

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