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Harmony Grocery Buddy Program

When we utilize our compassion and cooperative strength, together we are able to take care of our community!

How do I get groceries when I am at high risk and could be exposed to COVID-19 or I am already diagnosed?

1. Identify a neighbor or friend who would be willing to pick-up your groceries at Harmony; coordinate a day and they could pick-up your groceries.

2. Create your grocery list.

3. Call Harmony and indicate you would like to create a Grocery Buddy shopping list and communicate your grocery list; leave your credit card information in order for your order to be paid once it has been “shopped” by a Harmony employee.

4. You will be called back once your order is complete and given a purchase/charge total.

5. Contact your neighbor or friend that the order is ready for pick-up. Please make sure that your order is picked up within 2 hours of being ready/called (your groceries will be stored in a cooler and not a freezer so please coordinate your pick-up as such).

This program is intended for individuals who are “highly vulnerable” to infection from COVID-19 or who may be sick themselves. This is not a program for added life convenience; please respect this difference as staff resources to make this program work are limited.

It is often the case, in challenging times, that grocery stores are a vital resource to the communities they serve. The recent outbreak of corona virus is proving that this continues to be true. Read more about what our co-op is doing to best serve you here


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