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Summer Fun with Harmony Co-op

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

As Bemidji's only downtown full-service grocery store, we here at Harmony Co-op want to welcome you to our beautiful city and do everything we can to help you have the best summer possible! Whether you're up for a day, a weekend, all summer, or year-round, the First City on the Mississippi is lucky to have you. We have a fantastic local arts scene and a renowned symphony orchestra—and, of course, the natural splendor of the Minnesota Northwoods that draws us all outside. Summer is one of the best times of year to be here—the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the fish are biting. It gets hot enough during the day to warrant a quick dip in the lake, but cool enough at night that you can enjoy sitting around a bonfire.

Whether you’re visiting to take in the sights or heading out of town, there’s nothing like local. Pick up some local honey or maple syrup and enjoy a slice of Bramble Bee Bread (baked right here at Harmony!) and fresh fruit or veggies from one of our many local farmers. Create your own gift box of local goodies (like wild fruit jams and syrups with wild rice pancake mix from Red Lake Nation Foods and a pound of Alakef coffee) and take a little piece of Bemidji with you wherever you go.

Fishing, boating, swimming, or just enjoying the peace and quiet—Minnesota has (well over) ten thousand lakes, and even more ways to have fun with them. If you’re going up to Lake Bemidji State Park or one of our other area campgrounds or stopping by on your way up to the Boundary Waters, you're in for a treat! Make sure to grab some snacks for the trail; there's jerky, dried fruit, and energy chunks for fuel and electrolytes for hydration (in your new Klean Kanteen reusable water bottle). You might want to catch your own dinner if you brought your rod and reel, so grab some Red Lake Nation Foods fish batter; if you’re more into glamping, we've got all the proteins and veggies you need. Dinner over a grill or a campfire, whether it’s next to the tent or in the backyard, is one of the great joys of a Minnesota summer.

Sure, we’re a full-service grocery store, but we’re here for you when you don’t feel like cooking, too. Our Good Food Deli has housemade delights for every meal and palate, from burritos to take-and-bake pizzas (try throwing one of those on the grill!). Enjoy lunch outside on our pergola patio and watch the butterflies and bees frolic in our pollinator garden or take it to go on a park bench by the lake and wave to Paul and Babe.

If you’re up for a day, a weekend, all summer or all year, there’s no end of fun things to do, and Harmony Co-op is delighted to help you with all of them. Rent a canoe at Diamond Point Park and see downtown from a new angle. Try a state park staycation and have a camping adventure without leaving town. Pack a picnic lunch and check out our area network of bike trails. Go fishing and catch your own dinner, then grill them right there on the shore (or throw them back and get a pizza). There's rollerblading around the lake, checking out the ladyslippers on the Bog Walk at the state park, jumping off the end of docks to cool off and warming up around bonfires. We’re lucky to live here, we’re lucky to have so many great new visitors every year, and we can’t wait to share our love of Bemidji with you!

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