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Tips with Jill from Merry Gardens Farm

Updated: Jun 30

Each week, we will have some tips and tricks from Jill of Merry Gardens Farm. Check back regularly for new ideas, recipes, and thoughts on gardening, health, and ecology!


Garlic Scapes

Here's a basic pesto recipe that I use, simple but very good. People often think they have to seek out pine nuts, which does make a great and traditional pesto, but other nuts can be substituted. Pine nuts are local to an Italian cook. I use raw unsalted sunflower seeds. They are local to our area and less expensive. 


1-1 1/4 C chopped scapes 1 C pine nuts/pistachios/sunflower/walnuts 1 C olive oil 1 C parmesan 1 TB lemon juice salt to taste



What can we say about lettuce? Everyone knows what lettuce tastes like, what they like to put on their lettuce salad, or how much of it they like on their sandwich. What else is there to do with lettuce? 

* Have you ever tried replacing bread with lettuce? The Peppery watercress adds zing—and a vitamin and mineral boost—to this aioli chicken wrap. Try this recipe today!

* Transform your lettuce salad with homemade dressing

My story: My 19-year old son has not been a big salad eater, and if he does it has to have shredded carrots, eggs, cheese, and dressing is always Ranch. Until last summer when he was finally willing to try my fresh salad that had only eggs (no carrots or cheese) and as always, my homemade oil and vinegar dressing. He loved it, loved the dressing. Ate his share and finished off the serving bowl after everyone was done. Now he specifically requests this salad when he comes home.

Homemade Dressing: 1/3 part vinegar of your choice; 1 part oil of your choice; 2-4 TBS sugar; salt to taste; shake in a jar or whip with whisk; add herbs/garlic/other favorite flavor; can add mayo, too!

  • Dressings are fun to make and experiment with. Try developing different flavors and find your favorites! For more ideas on dressings click here 

  • My favorite vinegar's are apple cider and rice wine; balsamic is a fun alternative

  • Shrubs are great in a homemade dressing


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