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Vibrant Farm

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Vibrant Farm is a family-run, independent farm offering the best quality produce from sustainable and eco-friendly farming projects. Vibrant Farm is located in Laporte, Minnesota and carries a mission to provide healthy, nutrient-dense produce to Northern Minnesota communities. Their desire is to connect with people and be a part of a bigger purpose.

Danae originally began growing microgreens for her family and discovered she enjoyed it so much that the business literally "grew" from there! They have two high tunnels on their ten acres of farmland, but grow the microgreens in a converted indoor garage. They compost and rotate their outdoor crops so as to maximize the soil's nutrients and production, as well as to grow in a more eco-friendly way.


Microgreens come from a variety of plants. They can be brilliantly-colored radishes, deliciously crunchy sunflower shoots, or nutty arugula. They are grown and then harvested just before or right after the first adult leaves appear.

Types of Microgreens

Sunflower shoots

Radish shoots

Mixed shoots

Micro Broccoli

Micro Alfalfa


Arugula Microgreens

Nature's Confetti

Microgreens can easily add texture, a variety of different flavors, and a natural dash of vibrant color to any dish. Microgreens can be used on appetizers, salads, soups, and entrees.

Try this recipe with Vibrant Farm Sprouts!

This homemade BLT Sandwich recipe is stacked high with crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, crispy bacon and aioli on toasted sourdough bread.

Recipe from

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Henry Cavil
Henry Cavil
25 ago 2022

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