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Merry Gardens Farm

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Merry Gardens Farm founders Jill Pederson and Randy Olson grew up in small farming communities. From a young age a connection with the land and holy appreciation of its outputs were deeply instilled. Their love of working with the earth and a connection at all levels and their belief in the irreplaceable value of healthy foods and a healthy planet led them to their current 40 acres of vegetables outside of Bagley, Minnesota.

"Not everyone can live on a farm, but together we can all be a part of building community with the land that sustains us. Our mission is to raise produce as if you’ve grown and picked it yourself, on land where soil health and diversity of the farm ecology is foremost. Everything we plant is grown according to organic standards and practices. We know this is important to families because it is important to ours. The foundation of happiness is vibrant health. And it starts with the food we eat and where it comes from."

“We know this certification allows some of our customers to meet the growing demand by consumers for organically certified produce. Now that it can be sourced local is also important to this consumer group, plus local acquisition just makes sense in product quality and transport imprint. We thank you for helping create a local food network in our community.”

Check out their Facebook for upcoming videos on the farm during the summer!

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